“Grapes for Wine-making”

Cryptic Quiz 12

My dad’s fruit-wine brewing ended with a crescendo, in the 106-gallon year that included an outstanding sweet blackberry and a fearsome Victoria plum and crab-apple. Wine seemed to be French, rusty-red, expensive and astringent. The locals in Brittany, however, were choosing litre bottles of cheerful, red juice called Plein du Soleil, on our summer camping trip. What followed has been a treasury of friendly chats with wine-makers, to a background of sunny courtyards or happy rows of vines. Empty your car boot and aim it towards those vines. You’re in for a treat.

First Question

Tiberius left Rome in a mess.
M (6)

Tiberius: “T”

left: “L”

“T L Rome” in a mess:

Anagram of: “T L Rome”


Second Question

Pick the beginning. Not without information, right?
P (5,4)

“Pick” the beginning: “Pi”


without information: “no i”

right: “R”

Pinot Noir

Third Question

Regular dropped their ale in winter maze and got disorientated.
G (14)

“Regular” dropped their “ale”: “Rgur”

“Rgur” in “winter maze”: “winterRgurmaze”

“winterRgurmaze” got disorientated: anagram of:


Fourth Question

Add back one hundred at the end.
M (6)

Add: “Sum”

“Sum” back: “muS”

one hundred: “C”

“at” the end


Fifth Question

Keep appointment at the Social Security Office. Inside, the mauve doesn’t suit me. Go pale and lose footing.
S (9,5)

Keep appointment at the Social Security Office: “Sign on”

“mauve” doesn’t suit “me”:

“mauve” without “me”: “auv”

“Sign on”. Inside, “auv”: “S auv ign on”

Go pale: “Blanche”

Lose footing: take the end off

take the end off “Blanche”: “Blanc”

Sauvignon Blanc

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R (7)

Snapped lines: anagram of lines: “eslin”

“eslin” in the “rig”:


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Countries: Australia: Aus, England: Eng, France: Fr, Germany: Ger, Great Britain: GB, Northern Ireland: NI, New Zealand: NZ, Russia: Rus, Scotland: Sco, South Africa: SA, Spain: Esp, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: UK, United States of America: USA/US

Cricket Score Card: bowled: b, caught: c or ct, stumped: st.

Direction: east: E, left: L, north: N, right: R, south: S, west: W

Jobs: Salesperson/man/woman: Rep

Military: Royal Artillary: RA, Royal Engineers: RE

Miscellaneous: Hospital: H

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