“Star Wars Characters”

Cryptic Quiz 79

Star Wars still has the most awe-inspiring big-screen start to a film.

First Question

Stick out around European super-group at the mountain shelter.
J (5,3,4)

Stick out: “Jut”

European super-group: “Abba”


mountain shelter: “hut”

“Abba” at “the hut”: “Abba the hut”

“Jut” around “Abba the hut”

Jabba the Hutt

Second Question

Derisive laugh at The Force alone.
H (3,4)

Derisive laugh: “Ha”

The Force: “N” (Newtons)

alone: “solo”

Han Solo

Third Question

Eat a blob of fat. Lose a loaf. Make a new mixture.
B (4,4)

Lose “a loaf” from “Eat a blob of fat”: “Et bb o fat”

Make a new mixture of “Et bb o fat”

Anagram of “Et bb o fat”

Boba Fett

Fourth Question

Left UK walk around Skye, wandering with hesitation.
L (4,9)

Left: “L”

“UK walk”

“Skye” wandering:

Anagram of “Skye”: “eSky”

“UK walk” around “eSky”: “UKeSkywalk”

hesitation: “er”

“L UKeSkywalk” with “er”:

Luke Skywalker

Fifth Question

In a meadow, I follow royalty.
P (8,4)

meadow: “lea”

In a “lea”, “I”: “leia”

royalty: “Princess”

“leia” follow “Princess”

Princess Leia

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D (5,5)

Move quickly and suddenly: “Dart”

very: “v”

“heard v” sporadically:

anagram of “heard v”: “h vader”

Darth Vader

Picture Question

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Chemical elements: All possible, Carbon: C, Copper: Cu, Gold: Au, Hydrogen: H, Iron: Fe, Nitrogen: N, Oxygen: O, Silver: Ag, Sulphur: S

Chess: King: K, Queen: Q, Bishop:B, Knight: N, Rook: R

Countries: Australia: Aus, England: Eng, France: Fr, Germany: Ger, Great Britain: GB, Northern Ireland: NI, New Zealand: NZ, Russia: Rus, Scotland: Sco, South Africa: SA, Spain: Esp, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: UK, United States of America: USA/US

Cricket Score Card: bowled: b, caught: c or ct, stumped: st.

Direction: east: E, left: L, north: N, right: R, south: S, west: W

Jobs: Salesperson/man/woman: Rep

Military: Royal Artillary: RA, Royal Engineers: RE

Miscellaneous: Hospital: H

Money: penny: d/p, pound: l, shilling: s

Music notation: loud: f, notes: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, quiet: p, very loud: ff, very quiet: pp

Musical notes: doh, ray, me, fa/fah, so, la/lah, te

Names: First/Christian Names can be abbreviated to the first letter. Common alternatives are also used: Catherine/Katherine: Cath, Cathy, Kat, Kate, Katy, … Charles: Charlie, Chaz, Chuck, … Elizabeth: Liz, Lizzy, Beth, Betty, Eliza, … Henry: Harry, Hal, …

Numbers: billion/thousand-million: giga/G, billionth: nano/n, hundredth: centi/c, million: mega/M, tenth: deci/d, thousand: kilo/k, thousandth: milli/m, trillion/million-million: tera/T

Police: Detective Inspector: DI, Detective Sargent: DS, Policeman/Copper/Plod: PC

Popular Culture: Compact Disk: CD, Extended Play record: EP, fashionable: U, laugh out loud: lol, Long Play record: LP, unfashionable: non-U

Position/Grade: First/1st/I/A, Second/2nd/II/B, Third/3rd/III/C, Fourth/4th/IV/D, Fifth/5th/V/E, Sixth/6th/VI/F/Fail

Road Names: Avenue: Av, Close: Cl, Court: Ct, Crescent: Cr, Drive: Dr, Road: Rd, Street: St

Roman Numerals: one: I, five: V, ten: X, fifty: L, one hundred: C, five hundred: D, one thousand: M,

Scientific: acceleration: a, Amps: A, Centigrade: C, electricity: AC (Alternating Current), DC (Direct Current), Energy: E, Fahrenheit: F, hour: h/hr, mass: m, minute: m/min, Newtons (Force): N, Speed of Light: c, second: s/sec, speed/velocity: v, time/temperature: t, Tesla: T, Volts: V, Watts: W

Ships: Steam Ship: SS, Her/His Majesty’s Ship: HMS

Sport: Professional: Pro

Subjects: Art/s: A, Biology: Bio, Chemistry: Chem, Engineering: Eng, Philosophy: Phil, Science: Sc

Text: circa : c, editor: ed, information: i/info, in charge: ic, plural: pl, reference/referee: ref, refers to/with reference to: re, slang: sl, spelling: sp, very: v,

Titles: Bachelor: B, Doctor: Dr/DPhil/PhD, Knight: Sir, Master: M, Missis/Missus/Mistress: Mrs, Mister: Mr, Professor: Prof, Saint: St

Vehicle Licence Plate Country Codes: France: F, Germany: D, Italy: I, Switzerland: Ch, UK: GB

Weights and Measures: gram: g, metre: m, pound: lb, stone: st, ton/tonne: t