About CrypticTone

Tone expresses the quality and intensity of colour and sound.

The tone of a cryptic clue is vital. Sound can be used as a tool for misdirection and in changing the meaning of the words and their combinations within the clue.

Tone also happens to be my name, making @CrypticTone a good description of time spent with these clues here at cryptictone.co.uk or on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve spent much of my life near two great rivers, the Severn and the Rhein, watching the reflections on the ever-changing water and reflecting.

For most of the rest of it, I’ve been by the sea, seeing it slowly eat away at the cliffs of the Atlantic coastline, with their misleading look of strength and permanence.

From my family I have received a wealth of understanding of the landscape and how people fit into it, and a deep need to discover those people’s motivations and how it all works.

I also spent wonderful days watching the ball by ball battle of skill and will that is Test Cricket, playing cards and games and yes, learning how to do cryptic crosswords.

Everything we encounter is at some level a puzzle, with layers of understanding concealed beneath the obvious.

Here is a chance to take a subject, think about it, come up with some words that might fit within it and then delve into the five cryptic clues, with their hidden layers of meaning, to tease out the answers to the Quiz.

However each quiz goes, I hope that you will leave each one with at least one new piece of understanding, whatever that might be.

Tony Morris, January 2021